ROUTE A (85-110 km)


 We start each Enduro Trip (A, B, C, D, E) from the motocross track in Nowy Kosciol, the first 10 minutes, as always, are devoted to a short warm-up by riding a part of the route adjacent to the track, where numerous Enduro competitions with the rank of the Polish and Czech Championships took place. The guide observes the enduro riders’ performance in difficult terrain, such as ditches, climbs, descents, ruts, rivers, beams and many other obstacles that must be overcome.  Then it evaluates the driving level and selects the route according to the given skills.  We’re going into the forest!  We ride long, narrow sections, as well as climbs and descents.  (in difficult conditions, the help of a Guide is possible).  After a few hours, we reach the PILICHOWICE DAM, where you can see an interesting landscape, breathe mountain air and taste good beers, as well as eat a your lunch !


 After recharging our energy, we continue our enduro route.  We follow the blue trail, along the rocks above the chasm, and then we approach the river with dangerously slippery stones.  After a difficult crossing, we enter a quiet path that will lead us to the petrol station.  After filling the tanks, we move to the sandy area, where there are very steep but also gentle climbs.

 For those willing, we have a route prepared in the style of Red Bull Romaniacs, called Wąwozem.  After a hard day douing our enduro trip, we return to the hotel for dinner, watch the video recorded with our cameras, and sit by the fire.




ROUTE B ( 65-90)     SPITZBERG


 We tackle several climbs and descents and technical curves with many holes / moguls.  Then we will reach a small railway bridge.  There are two options to overcome him.  One of them is to go through the tunnel to the other side, and the other option is to cross the railroad tracks (without running in).  The next stage of the route is a very long technical section with many winding, narrow and slippery paths as well as climbs and descents with many roots.  After completing this section, it will be time to ride in a river full of stones straight from the Red Bull Romaniacs and, for those willing, a few very long and steep climbs.

 The next section of the route is forest traverses, quite fast with many natural obstacles such as beams, stones, rivers, sometimes swamps.  After a long battle in the field, we will reach the old ruins of the radio station in Stanisławów, where we will be able to rest for a moment and see amazing views.  Then we enter the forest full of ramps for everyone.  From a very steep and technical uphill slope next to a precipice.  Long, rocky easier climbs.  Next, there are numerous paths waiting for us, a technical descent down a small river and further winding paths, i.e. typical enduro.  After a few hours of struggle, we will reach the Restaurant among the mountains, where we will be able to eat a tasty dinner, rest, possibly refuel and drink a good beer. 

 Then we will go on quick training routes.  Typical Hard Enduro.  After which we reach the mountain, around which there are very difficult climbs (for those who want, of course).  Otherwise, we can follow the enduro paths towards the house.